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Trip to Ireland of 4AB and 4BB

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1st day: Saturday, 30th September

We had a nice flight to Dublin and before checking into the hostel for the night we had our first Irish dinner. Our first impression of Ireland was very positive, we liked the little houses which all look similar, but we were confused by the cars driving on the „wrong“ side of the street.
Sarah, Sophie, Ilirjana
Our trip to Ireland began at our school in Bruck on Saturday, September 30th at 11 o’clock. After a safe ride to Vienna some people got nervous, because it was their first flight. But after we had landed everybody was very excited about and looking forward to our week in Ireland.
Sarah, Helena

2nd day: Sunday , 1st October
The day after our arrival in Dublin we took a bus tour through the town and found out a lot about this exciting city, the capital of Ireland. We were really impressed by the city, we especially liked the musicians on the streets.
Sandra, Lisa, Elena

We had a really interesting city tour in Dublin with a funny guide who told us a lot about the sights of Dublin and its history. In our free time we experienced Dublin and bought some gifts. Afterwards we got on the bus to get to our second hostel in Doolin near the cliffs of Moher.
Anna, Caroline

3rd day: Monday, 2nd October
We went to the Cliffs of Moher by coach. We really liked the cliffs because no one of us had seen them before. We took a lot of great photos. Although it was extremely windy, this activity was really impressive. Later we went to the city Galway where we did a little bit of shopping. The next stop was Carrigaline where our host families were already waiting for us.
Natalie, Nina
On our third day in Ireland we visited the amazing Cliffs of Moher. We took a lot of photos. Then we went to Galway, where we went sightseeing by ourselves. The most exciting thing was meeting our host families in the evening.
Lena, Stefanie, Julia
4th day: Tuesday, 3rd October
We spent the morning at the H2 college where we had 5 really funny and interesting lessons taught by natives. In the afternoon we visited Blarney castle and its wonderful park.
Dajana, Stefanie
We played different games and did English activities at the H2 college. We had great fun and were able to improve our English. Afterwards we went to Blarney castle and some of us kissed the stone. They speak English fluently now because this is what the legend says. Everybody had the opportunity to visit different gardens and attractions around the castle.
Vanessa, Hanna, Nicole

5th day: Wednesday, 4th October
On Wednesday we had our first day in an Irish kindergarten and found out a lot about the Irish kindergarten system – which is completely different from ours in Austria. In the afternoon we had a city tour through Cork, the second biggest Irish city. In the evening we spent some time with our host families.
Valerie, Jasmin, Christina
We spent the morning of our fifth day in Ireland in an Irish kindergarten, where we got to know the Irish kindergarten system. In the afternoon we learned more about the most important sights of Cork. After the tour we had the chance to explore the city in small groups.
Katharina, Sabrina
6th day: Thursday, 5th October
In the morning we had three hours of work experienced. Some worked in a kindergarten, others at a childminder’s. After lunch we went to Cobh. There we had some time to explore the little city by the sea, then we had a great tour at the Titanic Museum. After dinner we went to dance class and learned to dance 4 traditional Irish dances.
Antonia, Sabrina

In the morning we did our second day at nursery school. Irish nurseries are run differently compared to the Austrian ones! In the afternoon we went on an exciting journey on the Titanic in the museum of Cobh. Our entrance ticket was the boarding card of one of the passengers of the Titanic in 1912. At the end we could have a look if we survived the journey to America or not. To complete the perfect day we took part in an Irish dance lesson.
Melanie, Anja

7th day: Friday, 6th October
After our last morning in kindergarten we went to Kinsale, where we had a guided tour through the town. The last stop of the day was the Old Head of Kinsale, and once more we enjoyed Irish cliffs and looking at the wild Irish sea.
Anna, Pia, Lisa

We had our last day of practical training at the nurseries. In the afternoon we went to Kinsale, had a guided tour through town and then we visited the cliffs of Old Head of Kinsale. It was a beautiful day.
Amra, Kristina

8th day: Saturday, 7th October
This was the day of flying back home. We met at 6.00 am and went to the airport of Dublin by coach, which took us 3 hours. Nearly everyone was sleeping on the bus. On the plane most of us were excited and nervous at the same time, some taking the plane only for the second time in their lives. However, some of us were ill, feeling sick and having a cold. After a bit more than 2 hours we finally arrived in Vienna. Our home was so near! Although we had a really great time in Ireland and with our host families, we were really happy to get home and be with the people we love.
Jacqueline, Lisa
On the last day of our trip we had to get up very early in the morning and say goodbye to our host families. We took the bus to Dublin airport. We left Ireland at noon and took the bus from Vienna to Bruck, where our families were waiting. We enjoyed the trip and all the interesting activities.
Melanie, Celina


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