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English project week

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Playing different kinds of games, discussing holiday destinations, getting insight into American and British culture, listening to popular songs, simulating job interviews, watching films, learning about gangs in the US and interviewing people in the streets was all part of the English project week with James and Jason, two native speakers of America and Great Britain.

“Keeping to English for one entire week has definitely improved our English a lot and we can say that we also had great fun!”

“The English project week was such great fun! Besides playing games we have learned some interesting facts about America. Furthermore we had to talk to complete strangers in the streets. At first it was awkward but it turned into real fun. We have benefited very much from this week with Jason and James”

“We have made a lot of new experiences and could give proof of our language skills”

“This week was varied and great fun. Now I feel more secure when speaking English”

“I was really sad when the week was over because I knew I could learn a lot more if it went on.”

“After 6 lessons of English every day I even started thinking in English!”

“A cool and interesting week: I have learned a lot of new words and have improved my pronunciation.”

“I am not afraid of speaking English in front of my classmates anymore”

“It was good to know that our performance was not graded.”

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